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Scooping out Latest Right Wing BS: Muslims Demand Army…

“Muslims Demand Army Change Dress Code So They Can Wear Turbans and Beards” This was on my Facebook this morning and I also got it as an email from my conservative brother several months ago, so I assume it’s making the rounds. This BS hits people right in the terminally stupid part of their brain. … Continue reading

Anti-Semitic? “It’s a trick, we all use it”

I have only one dog in this fight; I personally only know two Jews well and I like them both. I am not anti-Jew; I am anti-Liar. The anti-Defamation League recently conducted a worldwide survey and concluded that “More than one-in-four adults, 26 percent of those surveyed, are deeply infected with anti-Semitic attitudes.” Hmm, what is a DEEPLY anti-Semitic … Continue reading

Team People: The First Axiom for a Better World

Every human is incalculably and intrinsically valuable, valuable  just because they are human. Whether from a religious or a scientific perspective, I assert this to be true. The religious perspective is “Imago dei”-humankind, male and female, is made in the image of God and is therefore sacred. In the west we seem to mentally add … Continue reading

I grew Up on a Farm-I know what to do with BS

Have you ever wondered what you should be doing with your life? What is the very best use of your unique gifts? What you are REALLY GOOD at? What you have a lot of experience doing? Looking back over my life I see I was a successful non-profit director, supervisor, grant writer, strategic planner, public … Continue reading

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