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Anti-Semitic? “It’s a trick, we all use it”

Professor Finklestein arrested at Gaza attack protest

Professor Finklestein arrested at Gaza attack protest

I have only one dog in this fight; I personally only know two Jews well and I like them both. I am not anti-Jew; I am anti-Liar.

The anti-Defamation League recently conducted a worldwide survey and concluded that “More than one-in-four adults, 26 percent of those surveyed, are deeply infected with anti-Semitic attitudes.” Hmm, what is a DEEPLY anti-Semitic attitude?

If you answered “probably true” to the following question, you are anti-Semitic, according to the ADL: “Jews have too much power in the business world.” This is fairly easy to determine. Are Jews in positions of power way out of proportion to their presence in the population?

Fact: “The (Fed) chairman’s seat hasn’t been occupied by a non-Jew since 1987, …” Considering Jews make up 2.2% of the US population and that a Jewish writer is “thrilled” to report that 51% of the most powerful Americans are Jewish…c’mon, guys, you can’t have it both ways-bragging about it and then whining that other people have noticed!

Another symptom of deep anti-Semitism, according to ADL, is that only 54% of those surveyed had heard of the Holocaust. It is very important to certain political agendas that the world continually lament and feel guilty for the horrors of the concentration camps. A son of concentration camp survivors, Norman Finklestein, calls this the Holocaust Industry. He was arrested yesterday for protesting Israel’s slaughter of Gazans, the death toll of which has now reached 1,200 (mostly civilians.)

Finklestein, the Zionists say, is a “self-hating Jew.” If he were a gentile they would say he is an anti-Semite. A former Israeli minister says in the video clip below that both the Holocaust and the anti-Semite charge are “tricks” to silence criticism of Israeli policies.

‘An antiSemite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews.’-author Joseph Sobran

Einstein, a smart Jew who witnessed the rise of the Nazis while he lived in Germany, wrote a letter to the New York Times way back in 1948, warning that the Zionists were heading into fascism. No one listened then. Is anyone listening now?


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