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I grew Up on a Farm-I know what to do with BS

Lie, lie, lie

Lie, lie, lie

Have you ever wondered what you should be doing with your life? What is the very best use of your unique gifts?

What you are REALLY GOOD at? What you have a lot of experience doing?

Looking back over my life I see I was a successful non-profit director, supervisor, grant writer, strategic planner, public speaker and teacher. I’ve done lots of other things but I more or less failed at those other things, so while I can say I learned a great deal from failing, I obviously can’t say I’m really good at those other things.

But hands-down what I was really good at, what I did every day for almost my entire growing-up years was shovel s**t. Sorry, but that’s what we called it and that’s what it was. Furthermore, the boots we wore were called s**t-kickers and sometimes by extension we farmers called each other s**t kickers.

You may say that was a lowly job. But can you imagine if no one ever did it? Hercules was once challenged to clean out the Augean stables in one day, which stables had not been cleaned out in twenty years. As a s**t-kicker, I was horrified at this situation, but then realized that it was silly. The livestock would have simply stood higher and higher on their own manure until they stepped out of their filthy pens.

This would, I calculated, take about six months. In the story, Hercules cleaned the stables by diverting a river through them. Apparently, water pollution was not an issue in ancient Greece.

So I can shovel s**t. The news is FULL of BS and this actually matters a great deal. We make choices based on the information we are given. Bad information=bad choices. The Iraq war is a good example. We were quite deliberately given bad information to reach the conclusion they wanted us to reach, which cost many thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. It matters!

This blog will be a s**t-shoveling blog. No one pays me to write any of this, I am going to tell what is as close to the truth as I possibly can. If you think I am wrong, please correct me. I will say some harsh things, some things that will anger people. I do not put such rants in my kindler, gentler blog, The Road Upward, because people are so stressed and I don’t want to impose the sh**ty truth on them out of the blue. If you follow this blog, it must be voluntary truth-seeking.

But if you prefer your brain with the BS shoveled away, then follow (and contribute articles?) to this blog. I will always link to sources, I don’t want you to think just like me, I only want you to THINK.

The truth makes you free, but first, I have found, it may make you madder than hell.




About Je' Czaja aka Granny Savage

Je' is a writer, artist, and stand up philosopher. She founded and directed two non-profit organizations for disadvantaged children and their families, served as a missionary for three years and is the author of several books. Amazon Author page:


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