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Putin! Assad! Ahmadinejad! Probably Not What You Think They Are

“I’ve got these rules I live by. Rule Number One: I don’t believe anything the government tells me.” George Carlin We all say that, and I’ll be darned, we turn right around and believe what the government tells us. They tell us through the mainstream news, they tell us what to believe, over and over … Continue reading

America’s moral reasoning is in the crapper

American’s moral reasoning is in the crapper. Christian nation, my arse. We are a pagan nation and we mostly worship Mammon, the god of Money. Money seems to be to be our highest national value, followed closely by that stuff you buy with money, property. Our entire legal system and law enforcement seems to be … Continue reading

How U.S. Overthrows Governments in 5 Easy Steps

The U.S. has been in the business of covertly overthrowing countries since poking its nose into the Italian election in 1948. This was the first time that I have found that the US, through covert means, totally perverted another country’s democratic process. It was so  “successful” that a big push came for more of the … Continue reading

Zionism’s Suicidal Tendencies: Masada, Samson and King Bibi

Never underestimate the power of stories-Je’ Masada is mountain-top fortress where a group of Jewish extremists fled in 73 AD, after rebelling against Rome and committing ‘terrorist’ acts against Rome and moderate Jews. When they saw that they could not win, they committed mass suicide. While the historian Josephus’ account may be a legend, it … Continue reading

James Foley Video is Faked

I am not really good at many things, but one of the few things I am really good at is Skull Analysis . Sounds creepy, but it is just a skill from spending YEARS as a portrait artist. Several people whom I trust told me the James Foley beheading video was faked. This is a … Continue reading

Ferguson, O.J. and Bigoted Cops

You have to be a certain age to remember the way the O.J. Simpson trial gripped the nation. He had been a star athlete and had been in several movies, was black and married to a white woman. His wife Nicole had left him because he was physically abusive and while walking home with a … Continue reading

Wait! Just How Shite is CIA “intelligence”

The (alleged) gruesome killing of American journalist James Foley can be blamed on several things; but always remember that the person who committed the crime bears the most responsibility. Having said that, it seems the U.S. made an attempt to rescue James Foley and other American captives from the clutches of ISIS, but they failed … Continue reading

Zionism and Fascism-or is that Redundant?

We have a conception of what capitalism and (usually) a misconception of what communism is, but fascism is a bit more slippery. Perhaps that is because we are used to thinking of opposing economic systems and fascism is very eclectic about economic systems-whatever works is fine. Works to accomplish what, exactly? That it the question … Continue reading

Something very fishy about ISIS: C’mon People-THINK

It’s an important and popular fact that things are not always what they seem.-Opening line, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy There’s something very fishy about ISIS, besides the fact that their name is that of a pagan deity(1), besides the fact that they were trained by the CIA in a secret camp in Jordan (2), … Continue reading

Big Fat Lies about Ukraine: Let’s Shovel that BS onto the Compost Pile

As a collector of outstanding BS propaganda, I had to capture this specimen. Ukrainian president Poroshenko claimed that his militias had destroyed an invading Russian convoy. Porky called heads of state to report this and it was dutifully reported in respectable main stream media (if such a thing exists,) such as the Washington Post, The … Continue reading

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