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Hamas, Gaza and “Designated Terrorists”


Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

The official narrative is: Hamas are all terrorists and therefore everyone in Gaza is fair game. It’s the same logic the U.S. used: We can wage war on Afghanistan because we hear bin Laden is living there.

Everyone in Gaza is fair game because they voted for Hamas to represent them politically. Even their children are fair game, because as one Israeli MP said, “Little snakes grow up to be big snakes.”

By that standard, every one who voted for George Bush is a war criminal and should be marched off to the Nuremberg gallows.

This has an eerie echo of Adolph-all Jews are cockroaches, vermin, intent on destroying Germany and western civilization; or the same accusation against the Tutsis in Rwanda. The government-controlled radio station blared day and night that Tutsis were cockroaches and vermin and intended to kill all the Hutus and take their land. In fact, they were massing on the border right now to do so; quick-grab your machete! Defend your families with a pre-emptive slash!

Three months later, the bodies of 800,000 Tutsi (and moderate Hutus who objected) lay bloated and decomposing in the hot African sun. Oh, it matters when an entire population is regarded as sub-human and threatening. But when will we stop falling for it? When will see a red flag pop up when this kind of talk is circulating?

WHY Is Hamas designated as a terrorist organization? Some members of Hamas have committed terrorist acts, that’s why. Not the lobbing of rockets at fanatical settlers on what used to be Palestinian land, but the real thing-suicide bombings of civilians. Let me be clear-I abhor homicide, especially civilians and especially children, who haven’t voted for anybody yet and in the case hundreds of Gazan kids, now never will.

Hamas has three wings. A public service wing (which Israel admits it started up) that builds and staffs schools, hospitals and libraries; a fighting wing which is poorly armed but pretty dang determined, and a political wing which has a political platform and recently won an election. Why wouldn’t you want terrorists to reform and work by political means instead of violence? Because if they are effective, the status quo will change forever, and most of Israel likes the status quo just fine.

If you want cockroaches to stomp underfoot, you can’t admit that Gazans differ from each other in any way, like regular humans. They are ALL cockroaches, all subject to arrest and indefinite detention, all their homes are targets of missiles, even if they are not fighters and are just asleep inside with their families.

But Hamas are terrorists! News flash, Zionists were terrorists and committed a long list of horrible atrocities against the British and Palestinians. Shh, don’t talk about that, especially about former terrorist and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin blowing up the King David hotel, killing 91 innocent human beings. Shhh.

Who is a terrorist? Anyone the powers-that-shouldn’t-be SAY is a terrorist, that’s who. The same person can turn from a freedom fighter to a terrorist and back again with the swish of the Secretary of State’s pen. When they are designated a terrorist, the powers claim the right to confiscate all their property, lock them up, torture them, or kill them outright. No charges or trial is required. Why should you care? Because YOU could be designated a terrorist, that’s why.

Besides al-Quaeda, who are freedom fighters or terrorists depending on how useful they are at the moment, take MEK, a bizarre Iranian death cult that started out as communists and then became opponents of Iran’s current government and voila! They have been taken off the terror list and are supported financially.

I repeat my First Axiom for a Better World:

Every human being is incalculably and intrinsically valuable.

Every single Gazan that has been killed was a real human being.

“Oh,” they say, “So you like terrorists?” How profoundly stupid is that question? I reject the Two Option Trick. You either support our ethnic cleansing or you like terrorists? Stupidity.

Acts of terror are crimes. If they commit a crime, arrest them, charge them and try them-don’t rain down hell on their whole village and expect to be considered anything but a barbarian.


Wall St Journal> How Israel Helped Spawn Hamas



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