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How Zionists Exploited Victims of the Holocaust-and still do

Rabbis protest Zionism

Rabbis protest Zionism

What an outrageous statement! The Zionists exploited Holocaust victims? Indeed it is so outrageous I would never say it, but these Rabbis are saying it and backing it up with historical proof.

In fact, let me quote them directly:

The Zionists have long known that their only natural resource is Jewish blood. During the Holocaust, the Zionists realized that the death of millions of Jews would be their greatest asset at the bargaining table after the war when they would demand a state. “Only through blood will the land be ours,” they said, and therefore they did nothing to help Jews escape from Europe.

When Jews suffer persecution somewhere in the world, the Zionists rush to reap the benefits, bringing those Jews to strengthen their state and fight in their wars. In countries where no persecution exists, the Zionists help create it.

What? Don’t all Jews support Israel? No, they don’t. In studying the bombing of Gaza, I noticed rabbis leading protests against Israel and wondered why. I knew Theodor Hertzl was a proud atheist and was opposed by many Jews when he first stared his political movement to create a national state. But that was at the turn of the century, surely all Jews now rally ‘round Israel? No, they do not.

Quoting from True Torah Jews:

Apolinari Hartglass, a member of the Zionist rescue committee in Palestine, wrote a memorandum in early 1943…”Should we help everyone in need, without regard to the quality of the people? Should we not give this activity a Zionist-nation character and try foremost to save those who can be of use to the Land of Israel and to Jewry… if we are able to save only 10,000 people from among 50,000 who can contribute to building the country and to the national revival of the people, as against saving a million Jews who will be a burden, or at best an apathetic element, we must restrain ourselves and save the 10,000 that can be saved from among the 50,000 – despite the accusations and pleas of the million.

“The Zionists knew, as Hartglass said, that they could reap a great propaganda benefit from the Holocaust, and this is most strikingly apparent from the fact that in September 1942, when most of the Holocaust victims were still alive and well, the Zionists were already busy planning their memorial.” 

Who are these True Torah Jews? They are orthodox Rabbis who conclude, according to their scriptures, that the Zionists have nothing to do with Judaism and are, in fact, a secular nationalist political movement exploiting Jews to further a power grab.

That’s outrageous! So outrageous I would never say it. Let the rabbis tell you.  


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