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Christians Duped Again: Son of Hamas

Why are we so stupid? Maybe I should it aim it at myself: Why am I so stupid? Except I’m not, I supposedly have a very high IQ, if that actually measures anything. I love science, history and philosophy. I got academic scholarships, for Pete’s sake.

The Pope is the Beast! or is the president? the ayatollah?

The Pope is the Beast! or is the president? the ayatollah?















Yet I, like millions of my fellow Christians, have been totally duped and on more than one occasion. Many of us Christians are familiar with Chick tracts, those little mini-comic books with some kind of Christian message. I used to buy them and hand them out to teens, who also liked them.

Jack Chick is a recluse and a fundamentalist. His anti-Catholic tracts were so vicious I avoided those. They starred a “real” ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera, spilling the beans about that Satanic Catholic church. Except Rivera was a fake.

Get thee behind me Elvis!

Get thee behind me Elvis!

Then Chick featured John Todd, a “real” Satanist, from an Illuminati family, who warned us all about the sneaky ways we could become demon-possessed, like through rock music. I actually heard him speak once at a church and as usual, was dismayed at how much more interested Christians were in the devil’s doings than in Jesus’ doings. Guess what? John Todd was also a fake, just making it all up and raking in the donations.

Son of a -----

Son of a —–

Now we have the Son of Hamas, supposedly converted to Christianity from Islam. He is on Youtube and has books on sale, exposing the “Satanic” Palestinian group. Except the Son of Hamas is guess what? You got it-a fake. He is paid by Israel and supported by Christians, so glad that he has seen the light.

Why are we so stupid? Why do we so readily believe lies? I’d like to think it is because we are not prone to lie (though we are prone to carelessly spread lies others have told us.) Pastors who let these frauds have access to their congregations bear the greater responsibility-for endorsing these birds without checking them out.

But in the end, brothers and sisters, in the end, each of us  has to give account for only ourselves. “I was only following orders” did not work at Nuremberg and “A man at church told me” does not suffice when it comes right down to it.

Are they peddling fear? hatred? prejudice? Where do you think those come from? Maybe it’s time to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.


Son of Hamas (sort of) explains why he is duping all sides simultaneously


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