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Rootin’ for Putin

Is this the real Putin?

Is this the real Putin?

We all suspect something is wrong; wrong with the economy, wrong with these wars, wrong with our supposedly representative government which doesn’t pay any attention to us at all. Naturally, we would like to know who is to blame. Tell us who to hate! Whole industries in America have sprung in response to this market demand: Tell us who to hate!

I am against hate and I am against fear; fear is the tree trunk upon which hatred crawls.

Who to hate? The gubmint, the Democrats or Republicans, the immigrants, poor people, any minority is a good target since they have no voice with which to respond. How about terrorists, or socialists, or Iran, or bin Laden-Yes, give us a name and a face to hate. Bin Laden is dead? Find us a new name and face.

Or is THIS the real Putin?

Or is THIS the real Putin?

Putin! Putin is a commie, right? We can ride on all the commie-bashing still residual in the hearts and minds of older members of U.S. society. Of, course, Putin is definitely not a commie, but truth doesn’t matter. Deflecting public rage away from the real problem is what matters. Someone horrified me by saying, “Putin is all right. He’s a center-right nationalist. He is trying to do what’s best for his country.”

I set out to debunk this view of Putin and shockingly, found out I had been the one who was wrong. His elections were not rigged, he is popular in Russia, he is level-headed and smart; very, very smart. He has the long view and he intends to rebuild Russia. He loves his country. He got rid of the oligarchs who insisted on running the government. “Go make money, but stay out of governing.” They ignored him, he booted them.

Even his critics say that Putin is loyal, patriotic, does what he says he is going to do and always warns those who cross the line. But he is an ex-KGB agent, so he must be evil. Are ex-CIA agents evil? You may say, “Yes,” but at least admit the KGB is no more evil than the CIA and we have no trouble electing them (Bush Senior.)

The recent media spasm of Putin-bashing has probably been effective with those who don’t ask questions. Putin did NOT shoot down the airliner MH17 over Ukraine. He has been demanding an investigation and open sharing of evidence-not the action of the guilty party. Some element of the Ukraine military shot down the airliner, but not a peep of rage against the western-installed government, which killed all those innocent people who were just off on a holiday.

How about this? Is THIS the real Putin? None of the above?

How about this? Is THIS the real Putin? None of the above?

Now I’m going to tell you what to hate. Just a few days before the shootdown of the airliner, Putin met in Brazil with other BRICS members to start an alternate World Bank-a direct challenge to US-dominated IMF and World Bank; a direct challenge to US dollar hegemony worldwide, a privileged position the US has held since the end of WWII.

We are talking HUGE money interests carried out by names and faces you will never see, shadowy men in expensive suits. We’re talking about kicking the New World Order squarely in the arse. The battle is huge, the stakes could not be higher.

The IMF and the World Bank are economic colonizers, sucking the marrow from the bones of “developing nations” spreading misery worldwide. They have put economic sanctions on Russia; one of their brutal little tricks.

You and I are just regular people. We might see the big players, but how can we ever hope to affect them? Protests? Letters to congressmen? Do that if you feel you should but what will bring down the oppressive system will be mightier forces, forces like whole nations sick of the abuse getting together and pushing back.

Imagine a leader who is first and foremost interested in the well-being of his nation. Imagine he is very, very smart. Imagine a leader who does not destroy the uber-rich, but insists they stay away from governing. Imagine a leader who keeps a cool head in the midst of provocations, who insists on respecting the sovereignty of other nations and their right to self-determination. I wish we had one of those!

Imagine a leader who challenges the Masters of the Universe for the sake of his country. Imagine the response from the Masters of the Universe!  That is the big picture; that is what is going on.

And I am rootin’ for Putin.


(We know our news media is unreliable. To get closer to the truth, read the following after you watch the news and then make up your own mind: Veteran’s TodayRIA Novosti,  Global Research (enter search term for what you’re interested in)

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