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Update on ISIS and the Mysterious al-Baghdadi

John McCain and the good al-Quaida

John McCain and the good al-Quaida

A band of bloodthirsty criminals frequently changing their names to protect the guilty, are rampaging through Iraq, executing, beheading and crucifying “apostates.” They have been doing these things in Syria for a couple of years, but back then they were portrayed as radical rebels fighting the tyranny of Assad, whom certain powers want ousted, so ISIS was tolerable then. Not now.

In fact, ISIS was funded by the Gulf monarchies and trained by the CIA in Jordan. The usual US warmongers screamed for more weapons for these butchers, you know, to bring democracy, fight tyranny, yada yada. ISIS are change agents, specifically regime change agents, with the added benefit that they are grotesque monsters and claim it’s all in the name of Islam, so they can replace the late existential enemy, Osama bin Laden.

Muslims clerics abhor them as much as any of us. One said,“They are dogs from hell.” When their shadowy Rolex-wearing leader, al-Baghdadi (fake name) claimed to have established a Caliphate, Muslim clerics roundly denounced and mocked him. ISIS drives a fleet of Toyota pickups, is well-armed and is getting a lot of money from Saudi Arabia, which is laundered through Kuwait.

Having committed atrocities against the Yazedi, a religious minority group, America stepped in to do the right thing. They, along with the UK and France, dropped food and water to the stranded Yazedi and made air strikes on a couple of ISIS vehicles. The US promised to do more, as soon as they  replaced Maliki, the guy they regime-changed in after they regime-changed Saddam out. 

So having failed for the moment to regime-change Assad out, they are trying another tack. The ultimate regime changes they want are in Iran and Russia! Well, that will take a little longer and a lot more bloodshed. In fact, I believe that will fail completely and, I hope, forever discredit the sneaky regime-change tactics of the Empire of Chaos.

The whole thing stinks to high heaven. ISIS leader al-Bagdadi, supposedly born  in Iraq, arrested there and kept in US custody until 2007? 2010?-(forget Wikipedia as a reliable source on anything to do with Israel) Before Baghdadi became the devil du jour, little reports trickled out-one that he was arrested by Iraq in 2012. When was he released from there? WHY was he released from there?

Who is this guy? Is he a Sunni nutjob? Is he a composite? Is he an actor? Is he Israeli?!

French sources say he is a nice Jewish boy named Elliot Shimon, who has gone very, very bad!

French sources say he is a nice Jewish boy named Elliot Shimon, who has gone very, very bad!

This thing is funded and stage-managed for political purposes. The ISIS fighters are mostly hired, bloodthirsty criminals with a smattering of deceived young idealists. They really are monsters, they really are committing atrocities. They really could be stopped very quickly and probably will be when they have outlived their usefulness. As one ISIS soldier said, “Do you think death will stop us?”

Yes, actually, I do think death will stop you.

McCain and "rebels" Al-Baghdadi lower left

McCain and “rebels”
Al-Baghdadi lower left

McCain and ISIS Voltaire Network 

Brief Summary by Webster Tarpley


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