Evolution of COPS: From Andy Griffith to SWAT Teams

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Officer, how you have changed. Officer, how you have changed.

In the small rural town where I grew up, we had a town cop. Did you? He wasn’t quite as laid back as Andy Griffith, but he was part of the community. I remember a gang of us, including the town cop, rode our horses one glorious summer afternoon up through Lyman’s Orchards.

The peaches were ripe-you could smell peach on the breeze- and there was a certain peach with white flesh that tasted like heaven. Now, it was unofficially OK to pick a peach and eat it, we all knew that. Then again, It was unofficially not OK to bring a bushel basket and steal fruit.

But what is the rule when you are riding with the town cop? He solved this for us by picking a white-fleshed peach and shouting, “Try one of these, they are fantastic.” Oh, yes, they were.

But what…

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About Je' Czaja

Je' is a writer, artist, and stand up philosopher. She founded and directed two non-profit organizations for disadvantaged children and their families, served as a missionary for three years and is the author of several books. https://www.smashwords.com/interview/jeczaja Amazon Author page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00IU4RWKE


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