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The Real Battle: Nationalism vs. Globalism

form 1976 movie "Network"

form 1976 movie “Network”

C’mon guys-that left/right paradigm is baloney and unless we savor the role of Useful Idiot, we need to drop it. I mean, Wall Street funded Hitler and capitalist Germany funded the Bolsheviks. Don’t even get me started on the cruddy folks the US funds.

Wall Street funded Hitler because a) they saw money-making opportunities b) He hated commies who had an annoying habit of taking stuff from capitalists. Germany funded the Bolsheviks because the Bolsheviks promised to pull Russia out of WWI, giving Germany a better shot at winning it. Please note, none of this was done to advance freedom or democracy or any of those high-faluting concepts we regular people admire.

The left/right paradigm is just there to distract us, keep us divided and squabbling. If you insist on only two opposite paradigms, then nationalism vs. globalism is far more accurate- and the battle is raging.

What we call the New World Order, one-world government or globalism is neither right nor left. It is a worldview, a religious idea that answers the Big Questions from a “whole world” perspective. To ridiculously over-simplify it is this: An elite should rule the world, setting policy, controlling trade, controlling whole populations for the benefit of world peace, prosperity, yada yada. Globalism’s mortal enemies are democracy and Nationalism.

Nationalism is the idea that a nation is a stand-alone entity involved in the rest of the world, trading with the rest of the world, but that represents and acts primarily to benefit the citizens of that nation.

Which idea is the better idea? That is for the people to decide and the people usually decide that they want elected leaders to look out for them and not some distant, faceless elite dictating to them. Nationalists like their nation and want it preserved. Globalists mock Nationalists-they are populists, old-fashioned, backward, they don’t see what the Globalists see from the lofty heights they command.

This is the conflict in EU nations. The un-elected bigwigs at the EU churn out laws that trump national laws. Since it’s all one big world, the EU insists that immigrants flow freely across borders. Nationalists say, oh, hell no. Globalists have the upper hand right now and Globalism is popular with US policy makers, but not most US citizens (left and right) who are just beginning to see what is going on.

How this will all shake out is unknown. Globalists will keep (sneakily) pushing their dream and Nationalists will (belatedly) rise up and resist. 

But make no mistake: the battle is not between right and left-it is between Globalism and Nationalism.

EU>Hot Debate between Barroso and Farage



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2 thoughts on “The Real Battle: Nationalism vs. Globalism

  1. Or perhaps Freedom vs. Security……Freedom is nationalistic and Security is Globalistic. It is these very dichotomies that get in the way of world peace. Nationalism cannot ideologically allow world peace, and though Globalization may create world peace, it will only be through the total destruction of ANY opposition to it. (something akin to genocide)


    Posted by ravenscottus | August 24, 2014, 3:27 am
    • “Regular” nationalism=this is my country, I like it, I want it to do well-does not lead to war, though it will lead to wheeling and dealing in the area of trade, which I think is fine. Extreme nationalism is different-my country is the best and it should rule all others-is obviously aggressive, expansionist and will lead to war. The Scandinavian nations do not start wars, but they like their nation and want it to do well.

      As for the (pipe) dream of globalization-one peaceful jolly world-that dream completely ignores the concept of CIVIL wars. NeoCons’ idea is that the US will lead the whole world=Pax Americana. You can see how that’s working out. I think human beings need a place to call their own, their own nation. They do not need everybody else’s nation. All humans want to be free, ie they resist domination. All humans would like to stay alive, ie be secure from violence.

      But the fight is between those who want to destroy the nation-state (now in progress>I think they will tolerate warlord “neighborhoods”) and have a one world government and those who like their nation. Of course globalists see themselves running it and the rest of the world says, oh, hell no.

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by Je' Czaja | August 25, 2014, 12:45 am

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