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James Foley Video is Faked

I am not really good at many things, but one of the few things I am really good at is Skull Analysis . Sounds creepy, but it is just a skill from spending YEARS as a portrait artist.

Photo/Pastel Portrait in progress "Fern"

Photo/Pastel Portrait in progress “Fern”

Several people whom I trust told me the James Foley beheading video was faked. This is a very important issue because it is being used to generate outrage to bomb, bomb, bomb and maybe, ala Libya, bomb to Infinity and Beyond for regime change in Syria. It is like the infamous “Incubator Babies” who were allegedly tossed on the floor by Saddam Hussein before the Gulf War. Turns out the “witness” to this atrocity was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador and the whole thing was a Big Fat Lie, but who cares once the bombs are flying?

So I watched the Foley video, which does NOT show a beheading-it implies one. In fact, the faked 2004 homemade video by Benjamin Vanderford of his own beheading (and reported as true by AP and Reuters) was a lot more gruesome. I agreed that something was fishy, but what?

James Foley

James Foley

I looked up photos of James Foley on Google images and KNEW that was not the man in the video. Did I have the wrong James Foley? No, those photos are of James Wright Foley…No way in God’s green earth is that the same man. Then I watched a video interview of Mr. Foley, who by some huge coincidence, was also kidnapped by Qaddafi forces before the love bombing of Libya. Besides his unique skull structure, he has an unusual way of speaking-his lower teeth show as he talks. Orange Jumpsuit Man is the opposite-his upper teeth show when he talks.

This does not mean Foley was not killed, it does not mean ISIS are nice guys–it means THE VIDEO WAS FAKED AS A WAR PRETEXT. 

I put all my findings together in a short video. I apologize for my amateurish movie- making. Movie-making is one of the MANY things I am NOT good at.


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