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Why it is so hard to “change someone’s mind”

For perfectly valid survival reasons, we humans are very resistant to changing our minds. Scientists, who are also humans and resistant to changing their minds, call this “confirmation bias.” We are aware to varying degrees and will admit if we are the least bit honest, that we resist changing our minds. We seek information that … Continue reading

Jewish Messiah of 1666 who shook the world-is he still?

The year 1666 was overflowing with apocalyptic expectations; I mean think about it, the date contains “666,” as mentioned in Revelations 13:18: “This is where wisdom is needed; those who understand should count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a person, and its number is 666.” Jews, of course, do … Continue reading

What can we do if we are invaded and occupied?

Those of us who have had cats and dogs in the same household know that they have very different worldviews. Cats are elitists, perhaps even species-centric supremacists and they include their “owners” among the inferior species. This short video shows several possible outcomes of invasion and occupation by elitists, i.e. what happens when a cat … Continue reading

Ebola Information of the Not-BS Variety

Are Middle Eastern terrorists using biological warfare? Is Big Gubmint culling the herd? Is the Illuminaughty at it again? Or is this is a disease, like diseases all throughout human history, which may or may not spread widely, depending on how well we handle it? Spoiler alert: It’s that last one. You can get some … Continue reading

Tale of Two Cities: Where is Your Bantustan?

Once upon a time I was a Business Feasibility Specialist. My, that sounds impressive; I am almost impressed with myself-but then again, not quite. The job consisted of moving nothing more challenging than my brain synapses and my mouse finger. The goal obviously was to analyze regions for possible business expansion. To do that, you … Continue reading

The masses are asses and I am one of them

We are vaguely aware that we are brainwashed by advertisements. Madison Avenue spends a lot of money to brainwash us and having worked in advertising, trust me-they get all that money back and a whole lot more. While advertisements range from amusing to mildly irritating to infuriating, they cost us only what they can convince … Continue reading

When my inmates made flowers for old ladies…

Once upon a time I taught a short course in horticulture at a prison with 1,200 men. As I approached “the fence” that first morning, my inner woman was yelling, “Are you freaking CRAZY? What are you doing here? Run!” “Shhh,” I told my inner woman, “I’m here to teach a class, that’s all.” Clang, … Continue reading

Was LBJ Shacked up with a pretty Zionist when Israel attacked the USS Liberty?

The suggestion that LBJ was shacked up with a Zionist when Israel attacked and tried to sink the USS Liberty in 1967 is not used here as a metaphor,  as in “strange bedfellows;” it is meant literally as in shacked up. You see, he was ‘close friends” with Arthur and Mathilde Krim and Johnson even … Continue reading

NeoCons: Maniac Chickenhawks on an Immortality Quest

Most Americans are aware that the NeoCons TALK a fiery war, but they never intend for themselves or their children to get muddy or bloody in the process. They want lesser people to do that-the ill-defined and expendable “masses.” What most Americans do not realize is this is a “revolutionary” tradition from the French to … Continue reading

Today’s TruthScooper: Shoveling MSM BS off American Brains

I don’t want you to think like me, I just want you to think. We all know the U.S. mainstream media is just the blowhole for state propaganda. Below are links to OTHER sources and stories on current events from around world. A free service from me to you. 🙂 From Saudi Arabia: (They made … Continue reading

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