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Whatever Happened to Saudi Prince Bandar Bush?

Bandar and Poppa Bush

Bandar and Poppa Bush

Saudi Prince Bandar Bush, having spent 22 years as ambassador to the US and cozying up to the Bush dynasty (hence the nickname) has been wheeling and dealing his hawkish schemes at the top echelons of world diplomacy for a long time.

Then he disappeared for awhile and rumors swirled that that he had been assassinated, presumably because he has made a lot of enemies. Then he reappeared, meeting with Putin, asking him to abandon Syria so Assad could be taken down. Bandar had been funneling much money and weapons to the Syrian “rebels” and he really didn’t care if they were nice guys.

Putin would not abandon Syria, a long-time ally, so Bandar threatened Putin, saying finally that he controlled Chechen terrorists and a terrorist attack on the Sochi Olympics would really screw up the show. Perhaps Bandar had gone too far; Putin is not known for being easily intimidated. Perhaps the heart-eating, Youtube-posting “Syrian rebels” got to be too much for everybody, who knows?

Bandar, far left

Bandar, far left

But Bandar Bush has disappeared from sight again and was replaced by the head of Saudi intelligence. Once again rumors swirl-he has been poisoned, he is dead, he is laying low again and will reappear threatening another world leader with terrorist attacks. Having had a direct hand in creating ISIS, it is probably good if he lays low, since nearly everyone hates them, including Sunni Muslim clerics who say they are “dogs from hell.”

The Saudi monarchs now seem genuinely worried about their Frankenstein’s monster, which has the potential to take down the Gulf monarchs, who have been coddling radical Islamists for many years. The Saudis are warning that ISIS is a threat to the US and UK and clamping down on their own “extremist” clerics. This is a change worth noting.

Reminds me of some lyrics from an Al Wilson song:

“I (made) you,” cried the (Saudis),

“And you’ve even bit me-why?

You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die.”

“Oh shut up, silly (Saudis),” said the reptile with a grin

“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.”

2013 Pepe Escobar on Bandar Bush’s Role in Syria


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