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You “love your race?” What race is that?

Fitter Family Contests were held across America

Fitter Family Contests were held across America

Evil never sleeps apparently, because eugenics is back, wearing the same old cloak of respectability that it wore at the turn of the century: Science. Now it is called “Human Biodiversity.” Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Eugenics sounded good too, it literally means “good breeding,” coined by the well-bred Sir Francis Galton and based on evolution.

Eugenics led to the sterilization of over 60,000 Americans who were “unfit” and to the “scientific” racial policies of Nazi Germany. This brought the whole eugenics movement into a bad light, so it went underground and mutated, and has re-emerged as Human Biodiversity.

Racism claims that DNA determines destiny-after that claim, racism pretty much abandons all DNA evidence. They claim a gene for violence in black people means they will always tend to be savages. No negative gene has been identified for the bad behavior of white people.

It’s all BS, of course.




For awhile Americans hated the Irish

For awhile Americans hated the Irish

That people vary physically is obvious, and it is equally obvious that they vary within “races.” But the two-ton elephant in the room is actually defining what a race is. In a recent tweet debate with a UK woman, she said, “There is nothing wrong with loving your race.” What race is that UK woman? Steven Oppenheimer has traced several “strands” of DNA to that little island-natives from the Basque region Ice Age refuge, people from the Mediterranean, Scandinavians, Romans-a mixture.

So what race are your referring to that you love? Let’s face it, you mean White People and you are talking about skin color and not race at all. You “love” white people and you do not like brown people.




DNA determines destiny? Born evil? Eugenics flyer

DNA determines destiny? Born evil?
Eugenics flyer

It is quite natural to distrust people who look different. After all, the human race spent 100,000 years in wandering bands of extended families. When they met another band, who knew if they were allies or enemies? It took awhile to figure that out.

It’s natural, tribal and even rational, but it has nothing to do with scientific proof that your tribe is superior. All tribes thought that! But guess what? They often decided that the other tribe was all right after all and started trading goods and DNA with them. The result is us-a mixture of many strands of human DNA. There are no pure races.

It takes time to get to know the Other. Being flooded with the Other will cause a negative and fearful reaction; a feeling of being invaded. That’s why some sort of limit on immigration is just a pragmatic policy. Take it slow. America, with all its flaws has shown that mixtures can work together, with little lumps and bumps along the way: (No Irish need apply, Japanese detention camps) and the ugly, continuing putting down of brown people, who, let’s face it, are just easier to pick out in a crowd than the Irish were.

You love your race? You mean the human race? Then I’m with you.





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