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Building Walls, Defending Privilege

Checkpoint> Gated Community

Checkpoint> Gated Community

While running a charity in a very poor (and very corrupt) Florida county, the local paper was constantly touting a coming “planned community,” with its own school, clinic and shopping center. It would, of course, be a Gated Community, the modern version of castle, drawbridge and moat.







No, you don't get to be Lord of the manor, pick a different position...

No, you don’t get to be Lord of the manor, pick a different position…

The county bigwigs were doing zip to make the whole community more prosperous, quite the opposite, but they did see that the current path could result in peasants with pitchforks coming to get their stuff. The solution? Build walls to keep the rabble at bay.





I had a visual image of convoys leaving the fiefdom, hired mercenaries front, side and bringing up the rear, protecting the royals, who unfortunately did have to travel through hostile lands every now and then. Ragged barbarians might lie in ambush and now and then they might succeed. Bigger walls? Mightier mercenaries?

How about making the whole community more prosperous so all this medieval BS is unnecessary? I never heard that suggested by anyone but myself and a very few others. No one listened, of course.


As walls go, this one is great.

As walls go, this one is great.

When you have to build walls, there is something wrong that building walls will not fix. The Great Wall of China did not keep China safe, the Berlin Wall did not prevent the ultimate reunification of Berlin, the Ukrainian Wall suggested by the leaders in Kiev will not seal the Russia-Ukraine border, and The Fence will not stop immigrants crossing the border.






Palestine Occupied Territory

Palestine Occupied Territory

The Israeli Wall imprisoning Palestinians and the walls Israeli historian Dr. Ilan Pappe says most Israelis live behind does not solve the problems engendered by illegal occupation. The walls do prevent SEEING the problem and thus prevent FIXING the problem, because you cannot fix what you do not see.





The Koch brothers have a big administrative facility in Kansas, which they are expanding and enclosing with a wall. “They isolate themselves physically and geographically,” said Dorlan Bales of the Sunflower Community Action Agency. He cited the expansion of the Koch “campus” currently underway which includes an eight-foot wall surrounding the property.


preparing for NATO summit

preparing for NATO summit

At the recent NATO summit, and these days any time the elite gather to plan how to take over the world, fences and barricades are erected and rows of black-clad police stand between the peasants and the royals within. Why is this necessary? And why is no one asking that question?

Shall we return to castles, moats and drawbridges? Can we not, after all these years, do better than that?


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