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The Kosher Nostra: Organized Crime in Israel

FBI says he's most dangerous mobster in the world" Semion Mogilevich

FBI says he’s “most dangerous mobster in the world” Semion Mogilevich

We hear about ‘Muslim terrorists’ supposedly striving to delete Israel from the map 24/7, but we seldom hear about the bombers, assassins and covert weapons smugglers from inside Israeli society, aka organized crime, aka the Jewish Mafia.

Wait a minute, isn’t the Mob made up of Italians, eating spaghetti and crusty bread on red-checkered tablecloths-suddenly interrupted by mobsters with tommy guns spraying the restaurant with hot lead to eliminate the competition?

Sure, if Hollywood equals reality; which it does not. Crime exists in every ethnic group, and given the right conditions (weak, corrupt governments help) criminals organize, form a tribe within a tribe and become Organized Crime-new power centers. Organized Crime sprang up in Japan (Yakuza) China (Triad) Mexico (cartels) Italy (Cosa Nostra) and Russia (Thieves-in-Law.) All of these continue to operate.

Even the Mafia in the USA, c. 1930s, had plenty of Jewish participants; Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel and even the Anglo-sounding Dutch Shultz, whose real name was Arthur Flegenheimer. The Russian Oligarchs, who swept into the power vacuum left by the collapse of the USSR, looted the nation aggressively. Surprisingly (to me anyway) almost all of them were Jews.

Russian Jews, encouraged to emigrate by Israel, flooded into that country as soon as they could get away from mother Russia. Of course, Israel had criminals before they arrived, but now they had even better-organized criminals. According to Israeli news papers, the turf battles and anti-social behavior of the Jewish Mafia is getting worse. A Wikileaks document says that Jewish organized crime members have ready access to the USA, where they are doing the usual dastardly Organized Crime things: drugs, prostitution, finance scams, gambling, snuffing out rivals-you know, the usual.

Since Israel is such a militarized society, weapons are readily available. Israeli soldiers were arrested recently for attempting to sell heavy weapons, like shoulder-launched anti-tank rockets, to organized crime families. Cars are blown up in broad daylight in turf wars and huge stocks of explosives are found hidden in urban basements. Drug addiction has increased rapidly and police complain that they are hampered by under-funding since most of the budget goes to the military.

The Wikileaks cable was from US ambassador Cunningham, 2009: “Organized crime (OC) has longstanding roots in Israel, but in recent years there has been a sharp increase in the reach and impact of OC networks.”… He noted that many of the Israeli crime families’ operatives hold foreign passports, “allowing them to move freely in European countries, most of which participate in the visa waiver program with the United States.”…

“…it is not entirely clear to what extent OC elements have penetrated the Israeli establishment and corrupted public officials. He mentioned the arrest of former Minister Gonen Segev for trying to smuggle thousands of ecstasy pills into Israel, adding that the election of Inbal Gavrieli – a daughter of a suspected crime boss – to the Knesset in 2003 as a member of Likud “raised concerns about OC influence in the party’s Central Committee.”

And that is the other thing Organized Crime usually does-it figures out to live in a symbiotic relationship with the legitimate existing government; either through bribes (or campaign donations as we America call them) threats or through semi-legit business deals, they gradually take over key spots in the government until the line between aggressive business practices, governance and rank criminality becomes more and more blurred.

The good news is that this creeping corruption has been reversed when very courageous reformers, backed up by public outrage, have exposed the crooks and locked them up.


US Rabbis busted for money laundering (!)




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