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Ending Wars: What’s the hangup? Just get out…

Okinawa protest

Okinawa protest

An article this morning in a Kurdish paper (which often has tidbits unreported by our domestic presstitutes) says that Australian special forces on their way to Iraq are stuck in the UAE. Why? Because Aussie PM Tony Abbot wants a guarantee that these troops will be above the law when they enter Iraq, and Iraq says “no.” Do the crime, do the time.

Put yourself in the host country’s position. First of all, you don’t want foreign troops in your land at all. If they come, you want them out ASAP. If they want to be exempt from your laws? What would you say?

We are vaguely aware that US troops are supposed to leave Afghanistan after over a decade of failure, but then we hear rumblings about “problems,” “hangups,” “Afghan intransigence”-over the Status of Forces agreement; there is some concession they have to make before the troops will leave.

“What’s the hangup? Just leave,” we might think. The hangup is interesting and it was the same hangup in getting out of Iraq. The hangup is this:

Camp Bondsteel-955 acres in Kosovo (remember Kosovo?)

Camp Bondsteel-955 acres in Kosovo (remember Kosovo?)

The U.S. doesn’t REALLY want to leave at all; it wants to stay and just appear to have left. This scheme meets with opposition, if not downright “intransigence” from leaders of the country from which the U.S. is (not really) withdrawing.

With over 800 foreign bases around the globe, five or ten more can’t hurt, can they? Okinawa has been steaming with resentment because of the huge unaccountable US military presence there since the end of WWII!

I first noticed this when Iraq was “being intransigent.” You see, the U.S. insists on its left-behind soldiers basically being above the local law. It insists on a bunch of rowdy young soldiers having de facto diplomatic immunity from local prosecution. Why? because rowdy young soldiers are going to do rowdy things. They are going to get drunk, get in fights and get laid whenever they can. This is inevitable.

Imagine a young American soldier being beheaded for raping a local woman. How would that story play out back home? OUTRAGE! But I thought we withdrew from Pipelinestan? OUTRAGE! Wait, why were they in Pipelinestan? OUTRAGE! To avoid all this fuss, U.S. troops need this above-the-law status when they (do not really) withdraw.

After many bags of cash (paper or plastic?) the questionable leaders of Afghanistan finally signed such an agreement. It will probably fail. When soldiers behave badly, there is probably nothing that will stop local lynch mobs. How would we react to our citizens being abused by foreign soldiers? In my neck of the swamp, forget it-there would be redneck “insurgency” and “terrorism” on a massive scale.

People hate to be occupied by foreigners.

People resist domination; it is a human nature. It’s not wise to fool with human nature.




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