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Dying the Death of a 1,000 cuts from Occam’s Razor

Use your brain

Use your brain

Well dang, if you can’t trust the scientists and historians, who can you trust? You can trust your own brain if you just listen to it. It asks, “Why did that happen?” “How is that possible?” “Wait a minute-this OTHER scientists says something completely different-what’s going on?”

Why can’t we just apply Occam’s Razor: “Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.”

I can’t even get one sure date for something like “When did the Native Siberians cross over and become the Native Americans?” That wasn’t that long ago, geologically speaking, yet scientists argue fiercely about it: Why? Because their career, their grant funding, and their tenure depends on their pet theory.

Wicked fights go on about “civilization” in India, for example. Look, no one disagrees that there was an Ice Age and sea levels were once 100 meters lower. Obviously, since people like oceanfront living, a whole bunch of “civilizations” including ancient Indian ones, are “lost” under hundreds of feet of sea water. Duh.

So what’s the controversy? India had a very advanced civilization before any white people came, and white people are having a very hard time accepting that. Brown people couldn’t have written the Rig Veda! It’s too complex and deep and intelligent! So any archaeological finds have to squeeze into the discredited Aryan Invasion Theory. Oh, when will we grow up?

Here is an even more fiery controversy: Most of the today’s Jews descend from Turkish converts who lived in Khazaria and migrated to the land currently called, loosely speaking, Poland. This is as well-documented as any history from that time, so why would Israelis have an absolute hissyfit about it, call historians who say this “anti-Semites” or “self-hating Jews” or issue slurs regarding the author’s sex life?!

Why? Because if they are mostly Caucasian converts to Judaism and they want to “return to their homeland” they don’t get Palestine, but a chunk of territory near Russia: Political equivalent of a nuclear bomb!

But I say, so what? If it’s true, it’s true. Surely the truth is better than lies? Better than dying the death of a thousand cuts from Occam’s Razor?

Martin Luther King once said, “A lie cannot live.” I think he meant a lie cannot live forever, because a lie clings to life like a dictator clings to power, leaving its claw marks on the palace floor when it is finally dragged away and tossed into the dustbin of history.

Indian Civilizations


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