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Two Funny Parts in the Sad Saga of the Spanish Civil War

What is your ideology? We all have one and they were all duking it out in the sad saga of the Spanish Civil War. Civil wars, like revolutions, do not just start up on the day they are reported to start. There is often a century of injustice building up steam before some incident cracks … Continue reading

Ringwraiths, ISIS and Ivan the Terrible’s Oprichnicki

  The saying is that history repeats; yet it cannot repeat exactly, it repeats more like variations on a theme. Here’s a repeating theme: Some powerful SOB(s) hires or enthralls a bunch of scum, dresses them in black (like death) and sends them out to commit atrocities on an unsuspecting populace. Ivan the IV, czar … Continue reading

Cops in the Hood-from a white person who lived there

Years ago riots, lootings and fires broke out when MLK was shot to death by what a civil jury later concluded was a “major high-level conspiracy.” I bet you didn’t know that.           But the rioters knew that and outbursts gripped 110 US cities. The rioters got to within blocks of … Continue reading

The Squanto we never knew…

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Truth is always more knobbly and interesting than that tasteless gruel they serve up in our schools as U.S. History; a subject most students regard as the most boring they are forced to endure. But how can stories of real human beings interacting across time be … Continue reading

Anything you think can and will be used against you

Greetings. I’m experimenting with a new format-any suggestions, corrections, comments? I value your input.  

The Difference Between Pilgrims and Puritans

Most Americans think the Pilgrims were Puritans who came over on the Mayflower and had Thanksgiving with the locals. Not so. All nations make origin myths and America’s is at least more plausible than the Roman Empire’s. In Rome’s origin myth the founders Romulus and Remus were raised from infancy by a mama wolf. In … Continue reading

Gotta have a roof over your head

I worked in social services for over twenty years and have visited all sorts of houses; houses of donors so sprawling I got lost trying to find the bathroom and houses in the hood so shabby the wind whistled up through the cracks in the floor boards. Look, you gotta have a roof over your … Continue reading

What do Helen Keller and Alexander Solzyenitsyn Have in Common?

What could American heroine Helen Keller, who overcame blindness and deafness, have in common with a Russian soldier who spent many years interred in Stalin’s gulags? Different sex, different nationality, different handicaps…but they did have one big thing in common, besides being Christians.  They both were widely praised as heroes from sea to shining sea-until … Continue reading

How to Fix the USA in Six Steps

Since the Crash of 2008, the Federal Reserve, which is not federal and has no reserves, has pumped trillions of dollars into zombie banks; banks which went bust but were hooked up to life support. This was done on the theory that it would trickle down to the rest of us. This is also known … Continue reading

Art: Eastern vs Western Worldviews-Who is Right?

Westerners would tend to ask the question in the title, because westerners tend to think in either/or, right/wrong terms. There is one correct answer, dang it, and when we have it, we will insist on it! As a westerner myself, I totally understand this. As a person with a vivid imagination unhindered by even the … Continue reading

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