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Lessons from History: Hitler was elected

Rally at Nuremberg

Rally at Nuremberg

The more you study history,the you come to the surprising conclusion that Hitler was widely admired, even loved by the German people.

Some stories say he ruled with such an iron fist that the people were simply terrified of opposing him, or that Germans were such raging Jew-haters they would support anyone who equaled them in Jew-hating.

Neither of these stories is true. I’ve been studying this for many years, because as a lover of human beings, I would like for the whole mess to never happen again.

Hitler was loved, and there must be reasons for it. Watch this video of people who lived then and you will see the good things they remember, or read They Thought They Were Free for the opinions of regular people. He was usually admired and often loved. Why?




hitlerlovedWhen Hitler came to power, Germany was in deep trouble; it had just been slapped with the vengeful Versailles Treaty-they had to take total moral responsibility for WWI and pay crippling reparations. Unemployment, humiliation, inflation and hunger  stalked the German people.

How did they get in this mess? Who was to blame? Hitler said they were stabbed in the back, betrayed. There is probably some truth in this. He said the Jews were to blame, what with their control of money and the media.

Was there any truth to this? That’s for you to decide, but nothing focuses attention like an out-group to blame and destroy; not unlike America’s propaganda-pounding against the commies and more recently the Muslim terrorists.

In America,we are semi-aware that we are being spoon-fed propaganda-and still it WORKS! We are told that poor people are taking all the money. How credible is that? It doesn’t matter,we are looking for someone to blame. We are told that there are murderous elements within our society-maybe next door! Immigrants! Islamists! Fear of death is the prime human motivator and it has been employed quite effectively.

Hitler used the same tactics with the designated enemy being the Jews. We are told that the U.S. is the best-est, most exceptional nation ever; it is indispensable! Hitler said the Germans were the best-est people ever, too. People like to hear that they are superior.

Fear, scapegoating and the appeal to superiority are still working on Americans today. The economy,while not as bad as post WWI Germany, is still worrisome. One more crash and we will flock to vote in the fascists. Once they has been elected, they just need a terror incident (like the Reichstag fire) to declare a state of dictatorial perpetual emergency, you know, to protect us.



germans starvingThe German people, who were, after all, people just like us, loved Adolph. They thought they were on their way to better times; he would save them.

Besides being the  savior, he threw really exciting rallies. Waving all those flags around the bonfires-imagine how much fun that was. Seriously.

They could not foresee the horrors that awaited them. We humans are not very good at long-range sight. The Germans were not different from us and so it worries me that it could all happen again. History repeats, but not exactly; it repeats like variations on a theme.

This time the enemy is different, but the industrial-strength killing will be similar. The poor are evil. If they were good,they wouldn’t BE poor,right? We may not round them up into camps (or we may!) but we have already rounded many up into jails. We may not kill them outright, but we can ignore them until they die of hunger, disease and malnutrition.

All in the interest of a glorious future, of course,when America rules the world and the out-group is purged.

History repeats like variations on a theme. Will we remember in time how it all ended for the Germans, people just like us, people who wanted to stay alive,who wanted to think highly of themselves, people who blamed their problems on the OTHER?

What worries me is that when some US leader goes on about America being the Indispensable Nation and the crowds cheer, “We’re Number One” they sound so much like the crowds at the Nuremberg rallies.








About Je' Czaja aka Granny Savage

Je' is a writer, artist, and stand up philosopher. She founded and directed two non-profit organizations for disadvantaged children and their families, served as a missionary for three years and is the author of several books. Amazon Author page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00IU4RWKE


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