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Foundational Philosophy of USA: have we abandoned it?

The whole world, at least at one time, praised the foundational philosophy of the USA. The whole world still praises the philosophy, they simply say the USA has abandoned it in practice. What do you think? First, what is the foundational philosophy of the USA? Jefferson, an Enlightenment Man to the bone, expressed it thus: … Continue reading

Just the sort of tiny-willied drooling vegetable this country needs

As I cruised around studying different forms of governments, I found that in some places, public issues are debated with passion. In fact, in some places, parliamentary sessions turn into bar room brawls, and I’d like to see some of that passion in the good old USA.

If we weren’t good people, they wouldn’t have to lie to us

The amount of time and resources put into deceiving us about world events is staggering-and effective! From “Remember the Maine!” to WMDs in Iraq to the downing of flight MH17-oh and let’s not forget the Incubator Babies and the gas attack in Ghouta, supposedly perpetrated by Assad. All of these “incidents” were either staged or … Continue reading

Outbreak of humanity in the midst of hell

All wars are horrors, but somehow I think WWI was a turning point. WWI started because leaders wanted war, they had been jonesing for war for decades. They still had that war glory thing going: attack, take territory, loot and brag. Even the regular people got pumped up, with a big boost from propaganda departments. … Continue reading

Stop Fox News in One Simple Step

Down with the Warrior Cult

I have been trying to figure out, as I study history, why raiders thought it was A-OK to saddle up, ride to the next village and kill everyone and take their stuff. Because they did think it was OK. In fact, they thought it proved their god was on their side. Leaders of successful raiding … Continue reading

To Christians: Are you skating on the ragged edge of hell?

Jesus didn’t talk much about hell, but he did talk a lot about love. He revised the commandments, now there are two: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. ALL the law and the prophets, he outrageously said, are summed up in two. He said people would know we are Christians by the love … Continue reading

Racist Imperialism from the Mother Country to US

Gee, where’d we get THAT idea? On Youtube  

Leaders should listen or the Mountain Chihuahuas might get them

As I study history, I often think, “If the leaders had only listened to the people, they could have avoided all that mess.” But they seldom do, for some reason-and an expression for this is, “The dogs bark and the caravan moves on.” Cute, unless we are the dogs they are referring to…which reminded me … Continue reading

USA and Israel in Symbiotic Death Spiral

As a former Christian Zionist, I was a fan of all things Jewish. Then I did some research, which is why I am a FORMER Christian Zionist. I have been studying Solzhenitsyn’s last book, Two Hundred Years Together: Jews in Russia, apparently banned in the USA and even in English. As an American, I oppose … Continue reading

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