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Does Freedom of Insult Apply Equally?

When news stories flood the world like the Charlie Hebdo murders, it is time to ask: Is anything going on that is being pushed aside by this unusual news coverage?

Boko Haram sex slaves as welfare queens

Boko Haram sex slaves as welfare queens

I was so sad to hear cartoonists had been murdered. I do some cartooning myself and have loved satire since I was little, fighting my brothers over the latest copy of Mad Magazine. Normal people feel revolted by the murderers. But things are often not as they first appear.

What is going on that might be camouflaged by the massive coverage of Hebdo? Here’s a candidate: the Epstein pedophile ring that reaches all the way to Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew. Oh my. And many, many millionaires along the way. The royals categorically deny Andrew had sex with 12 year-old girls. Of course, firm, repeated categorical denials are exactly what is required at this point. Maybe it will all go away.

Can you even begin to imagine the pressure the victims are under at this point? Oh, and it’s not a question of: were many under-age girls sexually abused by rich and powerful men. Epstein has already been convicted. The question is: how far does this rot reach?

But back to Charlie Hebdo and the news coverage. The knee-jerk response is: Get the Muslims! However, Ahmed Merabet, a police officer who tried to stop the murders WAS a Muslim, as was Lassana Bathily, the 24 year-old hero in the kosher grocery, who hid shoppers in a cold storage room to keep them safe. By the way he was both black (from Mali) and a Muslim.

Netanyahu, hoping to take advantage of the crisis, urges French Jews to emigrate to Israel, where life is oh, so secure. Rupert Murdoch, hoping to take advantage of the crisis, says Muslims must be held responsible, though I’ve never heard this Australian take responsibility for the fate of its indigenous peoples. Then again, I’ve never heard Murdoch take responsibility for anything.

Finally, the crisis has morphed into a free speech thing. That’s fine if we remember that free speech often means speech we detest. Popular speech needs no protection, right? That means the KKK gets to talk, the NeoNazis get to talk-and hang on tight-Muslims get to talk. Free speech-a sharp, double-edged sword.

But let me leave you with these thoughts from a fellow cartoonist: Is insulting people by using bigoted stereotypes helpful, or even funny? Think about it. And does freedom to insult apply equally in our current culture?

Thought-provoking comments from  satirist Joe Sacco

Thought-provoking comments from satirist Joe Sacco



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