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ISIS Fake Videos: Japanese hostages

For a group that claims that modernity is evil and we should all go back to the year 650, ISIS has made good use of Youtube (and apparently leader al-Bagdhadi favors  Rolex watches over sun dials.)

Their latest post purports to show the beheading of one of two Japanese hostages. We might recall that their posts of former beheadings had a geopolitical impact, in that the US used the outrage to begin bombing runs. Question: Are the videos fake? And if so, what is the purpose for posting them?

Notice that the question is NOT: Is ISIS shite? Is ISIS a bunch of mercenary criminal thugs with a smattering of idealistic youngsters? Does ISIS murder people in hideous ways?

That is not the question. The question is simply: Are the videos fake?

More BS from ISIS

More BS from ISIS

The Japanese may not be as trusting as Americans. They are pretty darn skilled in technical matters and they think they are fake. I do, too. Notice that that doesn’t mean ISIS did not kill a hostage. It just means the videos are fake but that does raise other questions. It also means we should take whatever is plastered all over the main stream media with a great deal of skepticism.

The videos are fake and you can prove it to yourself. Set up some objects in a darkened room. Shine a flashlight on them. The shadows fall in the same direction, of course. Or turn on a lamp, same thing. Or open the blinds and let the sunshine in. Same thing.

So how do they get shadows falling in two different directions on the hostages necks? By using two light sources-in a studio. Not by standing under the sun in front of a sand dune.

Studio setup

Studio setup


Notice that all this proves is that the videos are fake. For whatever reason. What is the goal? What emotion are they trying to stir? What action are they trying to precipitate? It worked last time. Next time they will be more careful with their studio lighting, but we do know this: ISIS is not what the main stream news echo chamber wants you to think it is.

Something is fishy.




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