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Can always count on The Blaze for Fresh BS

(Founded by Glenn Beck) The Blaze: 

Students Were Passing Out U.S. Constitutions at a Public University. Moments Later, This Happened.

I like students. I like the Constitution. What happened?

Well, it implies that these nice students were handing out copies of the US Constitution and the lefty-pinko college stopped them because lefty-pinkos hate the US Constitution. Damn those lefty-pinkos and their plot to turn America into a gulag!

Trouble is, they actually posted the video-and things are not as Pavlovian as they first appear. The entire video, shown here, shows a college official and then a student, being extremely nice to those passing out flyers. The campus has rules for passing out flyers and a place for doing so, on the grounds that if just anyone could pass out just anything anywhere, the college does not have security to handle any incidents that might ensue.

Perhaps you think that college policy restricts free speech? Let’s say an ISIS recruiter wants to pass out job applications, or a Neo-Nazi groups want to warn about the ni**ers and Jews infesting our nation like vermin-still think they should go on campus and enjoy free speech?

The students were asked to stop filming on the grounds that they did not have permission from the official and the student to film them and by doing so, they were invading their privacy. The students kept filming and refused to go to the free speech zone. They said they weren’t moving, obviously hoping to get arrested and film that to be followed up by, shall we say-BLAZE-ing headlines.

Check the sources. Think for yourself.

Ding Ding goes the bell

Ding Ding goes the bell



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