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The One Person Who is Most to Blame

It is quite natural to look for the one person who is most to blame when something bad happens. That way we can deal with them and prevent that bad thing from ever happening again.

The Illumin Naughty

The Illumin Naughty

So we want to know who rules the world-really? Because they are doing a lousy job and we should get rid of them. Is it the Rothchilds? Is it the Illuminati? Is it the graduates of Skull and Bones? Putin? Then it all gets kind of fuzzy and we get lost in the maze and feel frustrated-and scared.

I’m against feeling scared-it makes us stupid and passive. What can one person do? If thousands of people are responsible for the world-wide crash of 2008, or a secret cabal of almost supernaturally clever men, what can we do? I’m going to tell you who is most to blame for the crash of 2008. He’s not the only one, but he is most to blame.




Most to blame

Most to blame

It is Alan Greenspan, head of the Federal Reserve from 1987-2006. He was almost worshipped in his time, they called him The Oracle. He kind of liked it like that. It was his job to make sure the economy did not crash and he failed. Testifying at the Financial Crisis Commission, Greenspan said well, gee, he had “been right 70% of the time.”

Greenspan is not a stupid man, but he was cemented into an ideology; the ideology that the market should be free, that the Invisible Hand would guide it. How dare mere mortals interfere in the magical workings of the market? I hope you see that this is essentially a religious belief. Where did he get this religious belief?

Ironically from a miliatant atheist, Ayn Rand, who wanted to be remembered as the destroyer of religions. “I want to fight religion as the root of all human lying and the only excuse for human suffering.”

aynrandGreenspan attended Rand’s little salon of intellectuals and idolized her with all the admiration of a disciple for his master. He said, “It hadn’t taken long for us to have a meeting of the minds — mostly my mind meeting hers — and in the fifties and early sixties I became a regular at the weekly gatherings at her apartment.”  So the future head of the Fed, the man in charge of the economy of the United States, followed the religion of a Russian immigrant who was also a malignant narcissist. This did not end well.

Then it was Ayn Rand’s fault, you might say. No, it was Alan Greenspan’s job to make sure the regulations and safeguards were in place to prevent a disaster like the Crash of 2008 and he refused to do so. Even when he was clearly and publicly warned that it was coming by Brooksley Born, he harshly put her down and rejected the warning.

He was mentally competent, he freely and repeatedly made a choice. Alan Greenspan is to blame. But that doesn’t help, you may say, he’s retired. Yes, and he should be retired behind bars, but failing that, let’s crush out his toxic false religion of Free Markets, Invisible Hands and the worship of the golden bull of Wall Street.

bull worship



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