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News, BS and how to avoid buying a ticket on the ship of fools

by Gary Larsen

by Gary Larsen

Would you agree that all news sources are biased? US mainstream news is a tool of the State Department-all of them, including Fox. We believe what we hear repeated and repeated, it’s how human beings are wired. But we would prefer the truth, right? We don’t want to buy a ticket on the Ship of Fools.

What to do?

I suggest you read the “enemy’s” newspapers, something we could not do in the past, but now can, thanks to the wonders of the internet. But the enemy’s papers are biased! OF COURSE! Just bear that in mind when you read them.

Try al-Jazeera, a high class news agency funded by the king of Qutar. The king of Qutar is a fan of the Muslim Brotherhood and a funder of the “moderate” Syrian freedom fighters who became ISIL. AJ often tows the NATO party line, but quite often produces brilliant articles and outstanding documentaries, like the Secrets of Seven Sisters.

Try Sputnik International, a spiffy Russian news outlet. They present a whole ‘nother viewpoint which is no more biased than US mainstream news-and no less. They often have interesting articles about non-political stuff, too, like animals and sports. RT, Russia Today is actually quite good, with billions of viewers worldwide.

Try Al-Akhbar for Hezbollah’s slant on current events. If you think they spend all their digital ink ranting about the Great Satan and Zionists, you will be surprised. They care about such mundane things as education and food safety and are no more biased than anyone else. What-could they be human beings?

Lebanon, the original source of information on the Iran-Contra scandal, is a very interesting country, with tons of religious groups and a pro-west, pro-banker slant. The Lebanon Daily Star closely mirrors US news, but every now and then you can glean information that is not available in the USA. You don’t think the US Press was ever going to expose Iran-Contra, did you?

I also check in with the Tehran (Iran) Times, which I found surprisingly very interested in art, music and dance. Hurriyet covers news in Turkey, that most complex of countries, where the population keeps coming up with creative protests against an increasingly strict interpretation of Islam. For example, the law against public displays of affection? Everybody grab a stranger and kiss them at noon. Laws discriminating against women? Turkish men march down Main Street wearing skirts. But mostly, like other nations, it’s the economy, stupid.

Those should be enough to prevent terminal brainwashing by our US Johnny One Note echo chamber. Collect all the viewpoints, exercising moderate skepticism-and then THINK FOR YOURSELF.


Fan of cool reason? Can’t beat Paul Pillar (the National Interest)

Fan of humor and deep background info? I love anything by Pepe Escobar (Asia Times roving correspondent/freelancer)






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