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Living Under a Reign of Terror: Central Florida 1970s

“Why does this drinking fountain say “white only?” I asked my bicycling partner. “It’s porcelain, any fool can see that it’s white.” “Shh-that’s not what it means,” he said, “It means white people can get a drink here.” “What are you talking about? This is the courthouse-are you telling me black people can’t get a … Continue reading

Brief History Of Empire and the End of America’s

Empire-building is a monotonously predictable human failing and has been going on since Tribe A cast its covetous eyes upon the goodies of Tribe B. For many thousands of years no one objected to invading Tribe B, killing its men, stealing its women, enslaving its children, and stealing its stuff. Well, Tribe B objected, of … Continue reading

The Folk Tale of Osama bin Laden

Once upon a time, a very wealthy Muslim extremist hatched a scheme to kill Americans, because he was jealous of their freedoms. He set up a sophisticated underground control center in Afghanistan and trained his evil minions, culminating in 911 and the deaths of 3,000 innocent civilians. Clever devil that he was, he escaped the … Continue reading

Radical Simpletons: Difference between Fascists, Communists and Socialists

You know you are dealing with a Radical Simpleton when they chop the world in two and label one-half Right and the other Left. On the Right half goes everything good, noble and pure. On the Left half goes everything evil, vicious and filthy. By this extremely lame line of reasoning, anything bad automatically goes … Continue reading

Questions about Nuremberg: Victor’s Justice?

I was surprised to see that Nuremberg testimony about gas chambers at Auschwitz was provided by a French woman! Why would that be, when there must be many witnesses much closer to home than France? The story she tells is the story we have all heard: separation upon arrival, the weak sent directly to cyanide … Continue reading

Shameful US Media Blackout of Russian History in WWII

As a typical American, my take on WWII was that basically, America won it. The Good War that defeated the specter of fascism arising in Italy, Germany and Japan. My dad and mom both served in that war. I had to find out on my own that Russia bore the brunt of the war against … Continue reading

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