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The Missing Human Element: The Greeks vs. the Kneecap Breakers

For a long time, we’ve been hearing about Greece as the poster child for failed economies, but then we get most of our news from an elite that values property over human life. The Germans, who have a somewhat harsh demeanor toward “lazy” non-Aryans, refuses for its bankers to lose a dime, even though everyone … Continue reading

JUST the Words of Jesus

The Bible is 60+ books in many different genres. I wanted to boil it down to just what Jesus said and couldn’t find that in one place-for free. So I made this to share freely. PDF here>¬†words of jesus From ¬†Matthew’s and John’s Gospels: No commentary, no opinions. If you want the context, there are … Continue reading

Flag=Heritage? All Hail the Angry Rooster!

I live in the South and watch with interest the controversy about taking down the Confederate flag. We know what it means: Defiance of the USA and the white man still rules. Now defenders of the Confederate flag say it represents their heritage, but lot of southerners say, “No, it doesn’t.” Defenders say we must … Continue reading

When My Southern Baptist Pastor Slammed Racism

The response to the shooting of nine black Christians at a Bible study by a White Supremacist last week kicked off lots of emotions. The overwhelming response has been condemnation. I personally felt sad, then mad, then sad again. I knew if they were real Christians, as I suspected they were, they would forgive the … Continue reading

Gun Control and Auschwitz: It’s Really Hard to Shoot Lice

On Twitter this morning, a man posted, “I’d rather die defending gun rights than be part of the after effects of gun control,” accompanied by a picture from WWII concentration camps of starved corpses. Message being, if they take our guns, this is how we will all end up. I have no problem with supporting … Continue reading

Grocery Prices: Up, Up and Enough Already!

I was shocked today when I went to the grocery store and saw chicken breasts, which I could have bought not too long ago for maybe $6.00 now at $12.00. Forget beef. I used to joke with folks at the store, “They’ve got to stop feeding gold to these animals,” but it’s not funny anymore. … Continue reading

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