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Grocery Prices: Up, Up and Enough Already!

I was shocked today when I went to the grocery store and saw chicken breasts, which I could have bought not too long ago for maybe $6.00 now at $12.00. Forget beef. I used to joke with folks at the store, “They’ve got to stop feeding gold to these animals,” but it’s not funny anymore.

And little ‘ole squash at $1.00 each? Keep ’em.

But then we have to eat, don’t we? I wondered what’s up with grocery prices and so did some research, which I’m sharing here. It is surprisingly difficult to ferret out this information; in fact, I suspect someone doesn’t want us to know. Do they think grocery shoppers aren’t noticing?

The knee-jerk answer is: inflation. I was surprised to learn that food prices are not considered in calculations of inflation. Other answers offered include, climate change, drought, and the fickle finger of fate. I thought the crash of 2008 had a big impact, but actually, grocery prices had already been rising for some time before that.

The main culprit is probably commodity speculators; Wall St. types who buy future contract on soybeans, corn and pork bellies. of course, they have absolutely no intention of taking delivery of 1,000 tons of soybeans-they are just gambling. It’s the same sort of unregulated gambling that led to the crash of 2008 and nothing has happened to close down the casino. Food should be totally removed from the gambling table. The consolidation of farms into mega-farms run by corporate monopolies raises prices, because they have eliminated all competition.

Food prices vary from region to region and the prices I referenced are for a pound of very average stuff in an average city. What can we do? We can know for starters. I also suggest you get acquainted with your local farmers, form food co-ops and gripe. Contact your legislators here. They really do care what you think, else they wouldn’t spend so much energy listening to your cell phone calls.

Up, up and that's a freaking nuff already

Up, up and that’s a freaking nuff already

2000 2008 2015
1 lb ground beef 1.63 3.99 4.23
1 lb coffee 3.44 3.67 4.90
loaf of bread 1.72 1.78 2.25
dozen eggs .89 2.16 2.41
1 lb cheese 3.76 4.55 5.40
1 lb oranges .62 .93 1.79
1 lb tomatoes 1.32 1.73 1.77

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