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Kolomoisky: Jewish Oligarch Hires Nazi Thugs to Kill Russians-what could go wrong?

I had a bad feeling about Igor Kolomoisky when I first read about him a year ago. He holds Israeli/Ukraine/Cyprus triple citizenship but felt inspired to defend his vast Ukrainian billions from…well, from everyone, actually. So as soon as the US-sponsored coup against the elected president of Ukraine was completed, Igor was appointed governor of … Continue reading

Worldwide Terror Network Run out of Pennsylvania?

Muhammed Fethullah Gülen (1941) was born in Turkey and is founder of the Gulen movement, an Islamic organization that is variously described as promoting peace and brotherhood or as being a CIA-backed Islamist regime-change front group. Gulen, who runs hundreds of Islamic charter schools worldwide from Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, is a mystery. Where does he get his … Continue reading

You Say You Want a Revolution? Here’s the Blueprint.

Lord knows, America has problems and has been going downhill in the areas of living standards, rights, infrastructure-and hope-for about thirty years now. But what can we do? The forces arrayed us seem insurmountable. The police state ramps up more and more every month; any direct challenge will be met with extreme force. The news … Continue reading

Corporations-Our Frankenstein Monsters: “It’s Alive! It’s Alive!”

The myth is that shareholders run corporations and the Board of Directors look out for the shareholder’s interest. In reality, the Board of Directors are a bunch of old farts who rubber stamp whatever is handed to them. As for shareholders, they take little interest in day-to-day operations; they just want to get a good … Continue reading

Foundational Philosophy of USA: have we abandoned it?

The whole world, at least at one time, praised the foundational philosophy of the USA. The whole world still praises the philosophy, they simply say the USA has abandoned it in practice. What do you think? First, what is the foundational philosophy of the USA? Jefferson, an Enlightenment Man to the bone, expressed it thus: … Continue reading

Wait, didn’t usury used to be a SIN?

Whenever the blood-sucking credit industry is briefly exposed, like when an article says  that PayDay loans charge 400% annual interest, outraged citizens say things like: “That should be outlawed!” “That’s worse than the freaking Mafia!” “Wait, didn’t the church used to say usury was a sin?” The answer is: “Yes, to all of the above.” … Continue reading

Capitalism vs Socialism: The BooYay School of Economics

Capitalism, yay! Socialism, boo! That’s the level of thinking in America, where most citizens can’t define socialism, but somehow they know they hate it. Capitalism: the corner hardware store where Mr. Jenkins buys hammers, nails and other hard things at a certain price and sells them at a higher price to pay his store expenses and … Continue reading

Ending Wars: What’s the hangup? Just get out…

An article this morning in a Kurdish paper (which often has tidbits unreported by our domestic presstitutes) says that Australian special forces on their way to Iraq are stuck in the UAE. Why? Because Aussie PM Tony Abbot wants a guarantee that these troops will be above the law when they enter Iraq, and Iraq says … Continue reading

The Criminal Minds Among Us

At the end of a short course I taught at a prison, I did the usual debriefing. “What was good about this course? How could it be improved?” One inmate surprised me by saying that the best thing about the course was that the members of the small class had become friends. “I don’t understand,” … Continue reading

The Kosher Nostra: Organized Crime in Israel

We hear about ‘Muslim terrorists’ supposedly striving to delete Israel from the map 24/7, but we seldom hear about the bombers, assassins and covert weapons smugglers from inside Israeli society, aka organized crime, aka the Jewish Mafia. Wait a minute, isn’t the Mob made up of Italians, eating spaghetti and crusty bread on red-checkered tablecloths-suddenly … Continue reading

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