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John Calvin: The ISIL of His Age

What could a Christian theologian from the 1500s have in common with fanatical bearded jihadis today? Besides fanaticism and facial hair? They share the same worldview and don’t forget  our worldview determines our actions. I was reading this article in Sputnik this morning, “Horrors of ISIL Fatwas and Decrees Laid Bare” and thought “John Calvin.” … Continue reading

The Missing Human Element: The Greeks vs. the Kneecap Breakers

For a long time, we’ve been hearing about Greece as the poster child for failed economies, but then we get most of our news from an elite that values property over human life. The Germans, who have a somewhat harsh demeanor toward “lazy” non-Aryans, refuses for its bankers to lose a dime, even though everyone … Continue reading

JUST the Words of Jesus

The Bible is 60+ books in many different genres. I wanted to boil it down to just what Jesus said and couldn’t find that in one place-for free. So I made this to share freely. PDF here> words of jesus From  Matthew’s and John’s Gospels: No commentary, no opinions. If you want the context, there are … Continue reading

When My Southern Baptist Pastor Slammed Racism

The response to the shooting of nine black Christians at a Bible study by a White Supremacist last week kicked off lots of emotions. The overwhelming response has been condemnation. I personally felt sad, then mad, then sad again. I knew if they were real Christians, as I suspected they were, they would forgive the … Continue reading

Living Under a Reign of Terror: Central Florida 1970s

“Why does this drinking fountain say “white only?” I asked my bicycling partner. “It’s porcelain, any fool can see that it’s white.” “Shh-that’s not what it means,” he said, “It means white people can get a drink here.” “What are you talking about? This is the courthouse-are you telling me black people can’t get a … Continue reading

Brief History Of Empire and the End of America’s

Empire-building is a monotonously predictable human failing and has been going on since Tribe A cast its covetous eyes upon the goodies of Tribe B. For many thousands of years no one objected to invading Tribe B, killing its men, stealing its women, enslaving its children, and stealing its stuff. Well, Tribe B objected, of … Continue reading

Radical Simpletons: Difference between Fascists, Communists and Socialists

You know you are dealing with a Radical Simpleton when they chop the world in two and label one-half Right and the other Left. On the Right half goes everything good, noble and pure. On the Left half goes everything evil, vicious and filthy. By this extremely lame line of reasoning, anything bad automatically goes … Continue reading

Questions about Nuremberg: Victor’s Justice?

I was surprised to see that Nuremberg testimony about gas chambers at Auschwitz was provided by a French woman! Why would that be, when there must be many witnesses much closer to home than France? The story she tells is the story we have all heard: separation upon arrival, the weak sent directly to cyanide … Continue reading

Private Charity Replace Government Assistance? The Fly in the Soup Kitchen

Vouluntarism: 1. the principle of relying on voluntary action (used especially with reference to the involvement of voluntary organizations in social welfare). 2. PHILOSOPHY the doctrine that the will is a fundamental or dominant factor in the individual or the universe. Here is an ideology to run through the CACA tester, but first let’s admit … Continue reading

On Israel, from an Ex-Christian Zionist

I fear for the future of Israelis. On what mass of evidence and rationality is this fear based? On a sick feeling I got last summer when Israel was in the middle of bombing Gaza. It just came to me:”The tide has turned; this level of racial hatred will destroy the haters.” “That’s not rational! … Continue reading

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