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The Day after a Shooting

Yesterday a 24 year-old American whose family is from Kuwait shot dead four Marines at two recruiting stations in Chatanooga Tennessee. The first reaction of almost everyone is sadness, anger, and sympathy for the bereaved families. Almost immediately following is: Who did this? Why? These are natural human responses to tragedy all over the world. … Continue reading

Flag=Heritage? All Hail the Angry Rooster!

I live in the South and watch with interest the controversy about taking down the Confederate flag. We know what it means: Defiance of the USA and the white man still rules. Now defenders of the Confederate flag say it represents their heritage, but lot of southerners say, “No, it doesn’t.” Defenders say we must … Continue reading

Capitol Suicide carried sign “Tax the One Percent”

A man shot himself on the steps of the Capitol. Why? The main stream news jumped on it, and then jumped right back off it, because he wasn’t a “terrorist.” Nothing to see here, folks, move on. But WHY did he do this? One press release mentioned in passing that he was carrying a sign. … Continue reading

Cue Horror Music: Flesh Eating Disease Stalks ISIS

Several news stories are trumpeting the fact that ISIS fighters have been struck by a flesh-eating disease:¬†ISIS fighters hit by deadly ‘flesh-eating’ disease “Karma” says one Tweeter. Divine retribution is also a theme in the classic War of the Worlds, in which alien invaders cannot be defeated by conventional military weapons, but in the end, … Continue reading

The Revolution is over and you are President of a small country…

Here you are, your first day as President Zee of Landistan. The blue and gold Landistan flag proudly waves over your brand new office building, equipped with ¬†gleaming furniture made from the finest local mahogany. Vice President Ay strides in, hands full of official papers. Ay’s rival faction joined with yours to gain independence and … Continue reading

I’m so old, I remember newspapers

I know you will find this hard to believe if you were born after 1990, but I promise it is true. People used to read newspapers, which were delivered to their door step every day. No, really, ask some old person, they will confirm this. Newspapers, as the word implies, were largish sheets of actual … Continue reading

Yemen: You Can’t Beat People from the Mountains

“then those who are in Judea must flee to the mountains”-Jesus “Kurds have no friends but the mountains.”-Kurdish proverb Most Americans are vaguely aware of a place called Yemen, but they probably think of it as just another stretch of sand full of violence. Yemen has been in the news lately because the Houthis, a … Continue reading

Kolomoisky: Jewish Oligarch Hires Nazi Thugs to Kill Russians-what could go wrong?

I had a bad feeling about Igor Kolomoisky when I first read about him a year ago. He holds Israeli/Ukraine/Cyprus triple citizenship but felt inspired to defend his vast Ukrainian billions from…well, from everyone, actually. So as soon as the US-sponsored coup against the elected president of Ukraine was completed, Igor was appointed governor of … Continue reading

It Might be a Fake Revolution if….

Hey, I’m just as susceptible to propaganda as the next guy and I started out so angry at Assad-Rotten dictator! He’s killing his own people! Something must be done-here’s something-we must do it! Then I happened to watch an obscure video by a Syrian “freedom fighter” who explained that actually, that smoke behind him was … Continue reading

Is Truth the Destroyer of Nations?

Many alternative media outlets insist that if only America knew the truth about the shadow government and the machinations of the ruling elite, they would rise up and fix it. I am a big fan of the truth, aren’t you? I mean what good can come from living a lie? But can the truth destroy … Continue reading

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