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The Day after a Shooting

Yesterday a 24 year-old American whose family is from Kuwait shot dead four Marines at two recruiting stations in Chatanooga Tennessee. The first reaction of almost everyone is sadness, anger, and sympathy for the bereaved families. Almost immediately following is: Who did this? Why? These are natural human responses to tragedy all over the world. … Continue reading

The Missing Human Element: The Greeks vs. the Kneecap Breakers

For a long time, we’ve been hearing about Greece as the poster child for failed economies, but then we get most of our news from an elite that values property over human life. The Germans, who have a somewhat harsh demeanor toward “lazy” non-Aryans, refuses for its bankers to lose a dime, even though everyone … Continue reading

Living Under a Reign of Terror: Central Florida 1970s

“Why does this drinking fountain say “white only?” I asked my bicycling partner. “It’s porcelain, any fool can see that it’s white.” “Shh-that’s not what it means,” he said, “It means white people can get a drink here.” “What are you talking about? This is the courthouse-are you telling me black people can’t get a … Continue reading

Questions about Nuremberg: Victor’s Justice?

I was surprised to see that Nuremberg testimony about gas chambers at Auschwitz was provided by a French woman! Why would that be, when there must be many witnesses much closer to home than France? The story she tells is the story we have all heard: separation upon arrival, the weak sent directly to cyanide … Continue reading

White Girl, Black Protesters and the Red, White and Blue

Yesterday my daughter asked if I wanted to go the protest at the local college and I thought I did. Today I do not. As John Maynard Keynes said, ““When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?” As it turns out the black demonstrators were being racist themselves, so no, … Continue reading

The Revolution is over and you are President of a small country…

Here you are, your first day as President Zee of Landistan. The blue and gold Landistan flag proudly waves over your brand new office building, equipped with  gleaming furniture made from the finest local mahogany. Vice President Ay strides in, hands full of official papers. Ay’s rival faction joined with yours to gain independence and … Continue reading

On Israel, from an Ex-Christian Zionist

I fear for the future of Israelis. On what mass of evidence and rationality is this fear based? On a sick feeling I got last summer when Israel was in the middle of bombing Gaza. It just came to me:”The tide has turned; this level of racial hatred will destroy the haters.” “That’s not rational! … Continue reading

News, BS and how to avoid buying a ticket on the ship of fools

Would you agree that all news sources are biased? US mainstream news is a tool of the State Department-all of them, including Fox. We believe what we hear repeated and repeated, it’s how human beings are wired. But we would prefer the truth, right? We don’t want to buy a ticket on the Ship of … Continue reading

Betcha Didn’t Know: 3 Surprising Facts about Oil

Oil is the Current Power Commodity in world politics, but it only the current one and it’s only been the biggie for a little over a hundred years. If you’re American, you may have heard how John D. Rockefeller single-handedly developed the oil industry in the late 1800s, but that is not true. 1. Oil had … Continue reading

Fight Ignorance! Buy a Map.

Several years ago I realized I was abysmally ignorant about the world, though I’m supposed to be smart and went to college and read a lot. “Dang, you’re ignorant,” I said to myself, “Go forth and learn.” So I went to the office supply store and bought a map of the world, which I hung … Continue reading

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