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Personal Experiences with God

I often talk with atheists, since atheists are human beings deserving of respect and I used to claim to be one. I say “claim” because if an atheist is defined as someone who is certain there is no God, then after awhile I had to admit that no can be certain of that. We can … Continue reading

John Calvin: The ISIL of His Age

What could a Christian theologian from the 1500s have in common with fanatical bearded jihadis today? Besides fanaticism and facial hair? They share the same worldview and don’t forget  our worldview determines our actions. I was reading this article in Sputnik this morning, “Horrors of ISIL Fatwas and Decrees Laid Bare” and thought “John Calvin.” … Continue reading

JUST the Words of Jesus

The Bible is 60+ books in many different genres. I wanted to boil it down to just what Jesus said and couldn’t find that in one place-for free. So I made this to share freely. PDF here> words of jesus From  Matthew’s and John’s Gospels: No commentary, no opinions. If you want the context, there are … Continue reading

When My Southern Baptist Pastor Slammed Racism

The response to the shooting of nine black Christians at a Bible study by a White Supremacist last week kicked off lots of emotions. The overwhelming response has been condemnation. I personally felt sad, then mad, then sad again. I knew if they were real Christians, as I suspected they were, they would forgive the … Continue reading

Worldwide Terror Network Run out of Pennsylvania?

Muhammed Fethullah Gülen (1941) was born in Turkey and is founder of the Gulen movement, an Islamic organization that is variously described as promoting peace and brotherhood or as being a CIA-backed Islamist regime-change front group. Gulen, who runs hundreds of Islamic charter schools worldwide from Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, is a mystery. Where does he get his … Continue reading

No, my friend, Jesus wasn’t a Republican

I look at arguing like the ancient Greeks. To argue means to present differing opinions in order to possibly arrive closer to the truth than when you both started. I got into a Twitter argument a few days ago with a Republican Christian. It started like this: (Pic) Here am I with my lovely wife … Continue reading

Is Mother Nature scary?

I needed a painting of Mother Nature for a project I was working on and I intended to do the standard thing-a pretty, graceful maiden with flowers in her hair. Earth Mother, Disney style. But then I started thinking, always a dangerous pursuit. Mother Nature is not wispy. She is big and strong and fertile, … Continue reading

Pope Francis unleashes shock and awe on Church bigwigs

Pope Francis’ Christmas message to the Roman Curia (cardinals, bishops, monsignors) sounded more like a John the Baptist exhortation than a Hallmark cards Peace on Earth to Men of Goodwill sentiment. John the Baptist once warned his audience: “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” Not the kind of … Continue reading

To Christians: Are you skating on the ragged edge of hell?

Jesus didn’t talk much about hell, but he did talk a lot about love. He revised the commandments, now there are two: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. ALL the law and the prophets, he outrageously said, are summed up in two. He said people would know we are Christians by the love … Continue reading

Cops in the Hood-from a white person who lived there

Years ago riots, lootings and fires broke out when MLK was shot to death by what a civil jury later concluded was a “major high-level conspiracy.” I bet you didn’t know that.           But the rioters knew that and outbursts gripped 110 US cities. The rioters got to within blocks of … Continue reading

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