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Today’s Eugenics: Evil or Just Stupid-It’s Baaaack!

Eugenics was a powerful Anglo-American movement around the turn of the century the premise of which was (is): Humans arrive on this planet as member of distinct races or breeds of people, and their DNA determines their destiny. Black people are over-sexed, lazy and tend toward criminality, Slavs are stupid, morbid and only fit for … Continue reading

Dying the Death of a 1,000 cuts from Occam’s Razor

Well dang, if you can’t trust the scientists and historians, who can you trust? You can trust your own brain if you just listen to it. It asks, “Why did that happen?” “How is that possible?” “Wait a minute-this OTHER scientists says something completely different-what’s going on?” Why can’t we just apply Occam’s Razor: “Among … Continue reading

Why it is so hard to “change someone’s mind”

For perfectly valid survival reasons, we humans are very resistant to changing our minds. Scientists, who are also humans and resistant to changing their minds, call this “confirmation bias.” We are aware to varying degrees and will admit if we are the least bit honest, that we resist changing our minds. We seek information that … Continue reading

Ebola Information of the Not-BS Variety

Are Middle Eastern terrorists using biological warfare? Is Big Gubmint culling the herd? Is the Illuminaughty at it again? Or is this is a disease, like diseases all throughout human history, which may or may not spread widely, depending on how well we handle it? Spoiler alert: It’s that last one. You can get some … Continue reading

You “love your race?” What race is that?

Evil never sleeps apparently, because eugenics is back, wearing the same old cloak of respectability that it wore at the turn of the century: Science. Now it is called “Human Biodiversity.” Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Eugenics sounded good too, it literally means “good breeding,” coined by the well-bred Sir Francis Galton and based on evolution. … Continue reading

Genocide is so Sexy? Israel’s Atrocity Porn

Warning: This information may cause elevated blood pressure, depression, nausea and vomiting. You know how sometimes an image gets stuck in your mind and you wish you’d never seen it? The one of the Israeli girl stuffing food into her mouth, accompanied by this message, falls into that category: “Heard on the news IDF killed … Continue reading

Team People: The First Axiom for a Better World

Every human is incalculably and intrinsically valuable, valuable  just because they are human. Whether from a religious or a scientific perspective, I assert this to be true. The religious perspective is “Imago dei”-humankind, male and female, is made in the image of God and is therefore sacred. In the west we seem to mentally add … Continue reading

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