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John Calvin: The ISIL of His Age

What could a Christian theologian from the 1500s have in common with fanatical bearded jihadis today? Besides fanaticism and facial hair? They share the same worldview and don’t forget  our worldview determines our actions. I was reading this article in Sputnik this morning, “Horrors of ISIL Fatwas and Decrees Laid Bare” and thought “John Calvin.” … Continue reading

Brief History Of Empire and the End of America’s

Empire-building is a monotonously predictable human failing and has been going on since Tribe A cast its covetous eyes upon the goodies of Tribe B. For many thousands of years no one objected to invading Tribe B, killing its men, stealing its women, enslaving its children, and stealing its stuff. Well, Tribe B objected, of … Continue reading

White Girl, Black Protesters and the Red, White and Blue

Yesterday my daughter asked if I wanted to go the protest at the local college and I thought I did. Today I do not. As John Maynard Keynes said, ““When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?” As it turns out the black demonstrators were being racist themselves, so no, … Continue reading

The Clash of Civilizations meets the stone age brain

In 1993 Samuel Huntington published a book called The Clash of Civilizations. The premise of the book was that conflicts would no longer be between nation-states, but between the East and West. This book was sure to have a wide impact because it met the criteria for impactful ideas: 1). It benefits the ruling elite. … Continue reading

The Revolution is over and you are President of a small country…

Here you are, your first day as President Zee of Landistan. The blue and gold Landistan flag proudly waves over your brand new office building, equipped with  gleaming furniture made from the finest local mahogany. Vice President Ay strides in, hands full of official papers. Ay’s rival faction joined with yours to gain independence and … Continue reading

Kolomoisky: Jewish Oligarch Hires Nazi Thugs to Kill Russians-what could go wrong?

I had a bad feeling about Igor Kolomoisky when I first read about him a year ago. He holds Israeli/Ukraine/Cyprus triple citizenship but felt inspired to defend his vast Ukrainian billions from…well, from everyone, actually. So as soon as the US-sponsored coup against the elected president of Ukraine was completed, Igor was appointed governor of … Continue reading

China will win due to West’s Imagination Deficit

“Imagination,” Einstein said, “is more important than knowledge.” When the Queen asked her fancy-pants economists why they did not see the Crash of 2008 coming, they took a few days to answer. Finally, they said it had been a “failure of imagination.” You would think the West would have pulled itself up and fixed its … Continue reading

It Might be a Fake Revolution if….

Hey, I’m just as susceptible to propaganda as the next guy and I started out so angry at Assad-Rotten dictator! He’s killing his own people! Something must be done-here’s something-we must do it! Then I happened to watch an obscure video by a Syrian “freedom fighter” who explained that actually, that smoke behind him was … Continue reading

What Might Have Been: No War in Vietnam

Woodrow Wilson gets very mixed reviews as a US president. He was elected on the slogan “He kept Us Out of War” (WWI) and then got us promptly into war. He presided over the establishment of the Federal Reserve, which is basically a bunch of private bankers running the US economy. Gee, what could go … Continue reading

The Pivot East-Living out a 100 year-old Idea That Was Shite to Begin With

“The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas and throw the bad ones away.” – Linus Pauling, winner of both Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Nobel Peace Prize Here’s an Idea. What do you think-is it a good idea? “Who controls the rimland rules Eurasia; who rules Eurasia controls the destinies of … Continue reading

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