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The Folk Tale of Osama bin Laden

Once upon a time, a very wealthy Muslim extremist hatched a scheme to kill Americans, because he was jealous of their freedoms. He set up a sophisticated underground control center in Afghanistan and trained his evil minions, culminating in 911 and the deaths of 3,000 innocent civilians. Clever devil that he was, he escaped the … Continue reading

Shameful US Media Blackout of Russian History in WWII

As a typical American, my take on WWII was that basically, America won it. The Good War that defeated the specter of fascism arising in Italy, Germany and Japan. My dad and mom both served in that war. I had to find out on my own that Russia bore the brunt of the war against … Continue reading

Hey mom, want to go the protest? Heck, yeah.

A few days ago a bunch of local Facebook posts shrieked that local protesters had stepped on the American flag! “Like” and “share” if you are outraged! I need more information before being outraged, so I asked, “What was the protest about? People don’t step on the flag for nothing.” I got no answer to … Continue reading

Zionist Racism: The Absurdity of Blood and Soil

“You can always tell a racist, but not much.”-Je’ While conversing with my Aryan Nations landlord long ago and far away, I listened patiently to his rant about blacks and Jews in hopes of talking some sense into him. Silly me. “But didn’t you say you were adopted and don’t know who your biological parents … Continue reading

Why are “Civilizations” so Uncivilized?

We use the word all the time, but what the heck is “civilization” anyway? “Oh, it’s like the opposite of savagery, or barbarism, you know.” Then why do civilizations act so uncivilized? So savage and barbarous? It must mean something else. I like to study ancient history, so I often go to Youtube, that font … Continue reading

The Crash of 2008: Save us, O Math Whizzes and Camel Jumpers

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Somebody’s Got to do it.But not me. Are you good at math? Can you do calculations in your head? Did you get A’s in all your math courses? Then I gaze upon you with the same admiration I feel for the Champion Camel Jumper in a tiny village in Yemen…

Who put the empty milk carton in the fridge? Hitler!

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Life’s Disappointments What could be more natural than blame-storming? You notice something is wrong and you try to figure out who is to blame. Someone put an empty milk carton in the fridge and here I am with a bowl of cereal and no milk: Who did it? When you…

The Long History of Russophobia

If you study enough history, you will keep coming across tidbits that are surprising. One that surprised me is the alleged long-standing hatred of Great Britain for Russia, later transferred to the USA. I doubted it; why would Great Britain hate Russia? Surely they were not holding a grudge because Tsar Alexander II sent the … Continue reading

How have you been? I’ve missed you

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Hey! How have you been? My computer is kapoot and I broke down and ordered a new one. I felt sure it must be in by now, but they haven’t shipped it yet! Me: what? Not shipped yet? Mica: It ‘s only been 2 days. Me: No, it must be…

Jesus, Jihad and Jewish Genocides

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“Read the Quran’” they told me. So I did and found it repetitious and contradictory. “Ah” they said, “That is because you have to read it in Arabic and have it interpreted by experts.” Experts? WHICH experts? As a student of ancient literature, I find these conditions very fishy-a classic…

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