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Something very fishy about ISIS: C’mon People-THINK

That bastard! ISIS takes child bride-BUT IT'S A TOTAL LIE (see video below)

That bastard! ISIS takes child bride-BUT IT’S A TOTAL LIE
(see video below)

It’s an important and popular fact that things are not always what they seem.-Opening line, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

There’s something very fishy about ISIS, besides the fact that their name is that of a pagan deity(1), besides the fact that they were trained by the CIA in a secret camp in Jordan (2), besides the fact that their mysterious leader al-Baghdadi wears an $8000 Rolex and bears a striking resemblance to an alleged Jewish boy named Elliot Shimon (3)

No, I mean besides all that. They seem to be going a bit over the top to display themselves Hollywood-style as the Devil Incarnate and their display is very technically sophisticated, the production quality way beyond your average bloodthirsty jihadi roaming about the desert. They obviously have access to a studio for editing their videos and the edits are obvious to those who work in the field.

I cannot shake the hunch that in regard to ISIS, things are not always what they seem.

What they seem to be are archetypal devilish Islamic extremists bent of world domination through bloodshed. I say archetypal because certain groups have spent a lot of time and money to CREATE that archetype. Then they claimed to have beheaded an American journalist and posted it on Youtube.

The alleged executioner with his British accent, warns America to back off. This will, OF COURSE, create a wave of support from America to press forward-bombing the shite out of Iraq and maybe drifting over to Syria to finish off that regime change?

I have a hunch. My hunches were right  (and vigorously disputed) on the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the fake rebels in Syria, the rebel gas attack that almost launched the US into war with Syria last year, the coup in Ukraine and the downing of flight MH17 by Ukrainian forces in an apparent botched false flag.

There’s a propaganda war going on. A photo is easily faked. A video takes a bit longer.  We need to crank up our critical thinking skills and ask: Where is the money coming from? Who benefits?

That does not mean ISIS did not kill the journalist or has not killed many people. It means that their atrocity porn is designed to move you to support war, to move you to hate Muslims, to terrify you.

Who benefits? C’mon people-think-who benefits? 

1). Isis was an Egyptian goddess and is featured in Jewish Kabbalah: “Sophia of the Rosicrucians and Isis of the Egyptian alchemists are the same.” Isis is also an important figure in freemasony.

2). Blowback! 

3). Veteran’s Today

A still was taken from this video and circulated with the assertion that an ISIS beast had taken a nine year-old bride. It was actually a social gathering and the Tunisian man was comforting the little girl who became embarrassed by making a mistake in her recitation.


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